Enchanted Reef

Southampton, United Kingdom

This is our our Home Bar, Enchanted Reef, We moved house about 1 1/2 years ago into a period style Ranch house which was a lot of work to get back to a 1960's look, One of the many attractions of the house was an almost full size basement which is fairly rare here in the UK, Until recently it has been a dumping room for junk from the move etc, It has now been emptied and is ready for the return of our Home bar we have had in our old House, Our old one was in use for over 20 years and took up our whole lounge, The new bar still not finished but is now open and serving Drinks!, We also run our own Tiki and Vintage related websites. We have been into Tiki since the mid 1990's and have had a home bar since then and have been collecting vintage Tiki since then, When The London Trader Vic's shut recently we luckily managed to save some of the carpet and a few other pieces(Going through their bins late at night after they ripped it all out!) and have put some on the stairs going into the bar

Southampton, United Kingdom

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2 Apr 2023
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17 Apr 2023
Dave and Sue Wright
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