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Cocoanut Canteen

Los Angeles, California, United States

Based in Eagle Rock, the Cocoanut Canteen is the home bar of Trader Sampson (Chase Sampson).

Sampson started, bit by bit, building a tiki bar in his spare room, influenced equally by LA’s tiki culture and the Disney version of it. The Cocoanut Canteen comes from Sampson and his wife Alexis’s mutual love of art deco and an iconic Disney character. “I love the Indiana Jones influence on Trader Sam’s,” he explains. “It’s pulling in a lot of adventurey, 1940s vibes in the decor and the postcards on the walls. It feels like you’re in a different time. That’s the vibe I wanted for the home bar.”

Sampson wanted his bar to feel more like an organic extension of the art deco vibe in their home. “All of my decor is pre-1945,” he says. “Everything on the walls, all the photos, they’re meant to evoke the feeling of being in a different time, whereas in a lot of tiki bars you’re just in a different place.”


Los Angeles, California, United States