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Bob's Bamboo Lounge

Long Beach, California, United States

Bob's Bamboo Lounge is the home tiki bar of Bamboo Bob and Luau Lori in Long Beach, California. It is located in their 20'x28' garage, and was built in July 2007. The walls are covered in thatch and bamboo from Oceanic Arts, and despite the space's origin as a garage, there is both heating and air conditioning. There is a full bar with 125 different rums, and a large selection of other spirits. There is a fountain hula girl lamp, a large collection of over 200 tiki mugs, plus a large number of Disney tiki pieces. There are two flat screens and surround sound, a pool table, and a popcorn machine. The bar has its own lighted sign, and custom t-shirts.


Long Beach, California, United States
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