Blue Ka-Tiki

Salida, California, United States

Blue Ka-Tiki is the home tiki bar of Dwayne & Kelli in Salida, California, just northwest of Modesto. The bar was created in their backyard in April 2016. The name was inspired by a visit to Trader Sam's at Disneyland. They loved the blue drinks they'd enjoyed there, but could not quite recall the drink's name ("Ka-blue-ie") when they got home. The couple referred to it as "the Blue Ka-Tiki drink" and the name stuck. They used the name for their home bar, and created their own blue drink to match.

The tiki bar is a four post modified A-frame design. It is filled with their collected antiques and other items that blend into a full tropical, tiki feel. They designed or modified all of the lighting to make the nighttime at Blue Ka-Tiki come alive, with music to bring it all together.

Other parts of the yard hold a large waterfall with a raised planter of tropical plants, a shipwrecked pirate on black lava rock, a barbecue in a structure that looks like a boat house, and the highlight is a bed of burning lava rocks you can walk across near the bar, lit with buried LEDs. The couple host friends and family on a regular basis, and would love to share with others who are into tiki culture.

Salida, California, United States
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