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Atomic Lagoon

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Atomic Lagoon is the home tiki bar of Richard Ridley and Steve Bultemeyer in Phoenix, Arizona. The bar was created in April 2017. The name is a nod to their house: "Atomic" for its mid-century modern design, and "Lagoon" for its original 1963 lava rock fountain and pond. The mid-century modern bar has a built-in glass case used to display tiki mugs. There is a liquor cabinet which is able to rotate to display the content either outdoors behind the bar, or inside the interior of the house. The lava rock fountain is surrounded by 50-year-old Mediterranean palms. Atomic Lagoon is used for tiki parties, lounging during the warm Phoenix evenings, and gives them an oasis in the desert.


Phoenix, Arizona, United States