Vic Hdz

a.k.a. Victor Hernandez

Victor Hernandez is a sculptor, carver and painter who resides in the Joshua Tree laden desert of Southern California with his wife, Tilda, children, Vic Jr., Genevieve, Mia and youngest Mason. He was born in east Los Angeles and was inspired to pursue the arts when his teachers and mentors took early notice of Vic’s talent and the effort he put forth in all his work.

Growing up he tried various mediums, up until 2011 when a friend decided to have a luau party and Vic decided to try a new medium, palm wood! He fell in love with carving and the rest is history. Today he’s honing his skills, leaning new techniques and evolving his style as he continues to push the limits of what is possible.

His work encompasses a wide range of forms, clay sculptures, tiki carvings, murals, pendants, lanterns, sketches and paintings. Victor is inspiration comes from rich ancient cultures such as the Aztec, Toltec images of Meso-America, to the peoples of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia.

His recent work has centered on tropical escapism, Polynesian cultures and ancient civilizations to name a few. Vic’s work can be seen at The Royal Hawaiian, Laguna Beach CA, Dr. Funk, San Jose CA, Roxanne’s Long Beach CA, (Aztec carvings) Max’s South Seas Hideaway, Grand Rapids MI, Toni’s Mexican Restaurant, Arcata CA and in private collections all across the United States.

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24 Sep 2023
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