Home Aloha

a.k.a. Jim Bacchi (Tikiyaki Orchestra) & Matt Reese (Reesenik)

HOME ALOHA is a product line collaboration between Jim Bacchi from The Tikiyaki Orchestra and tiki/lowbrow artist Reesenik aka Matt Reese. If you've attended Tiki Oasis, you've most likely seen these 2 pranksters vending in the "Gonesville" booth, selling their wares and and wisecracking with patrons.

The Tikiyaki Orchestra has been wowing audiences since 2008 with their own brand of Exotic Lounge music and unique charismatic showmanship. Not simply content to replicate the sound of classic Exotica such as Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman, Tikiyaki, a 6 piece orchestra, led by main composer Jim Bacchi, pull many different musical food groups into the mix....Bachelor Pad Lounge, Crime Jazz, Surf, Spaghetti Western, Latin and Hawaiian music, to broaden the musical spectrum of what is known today as “Exotica”.

The Home Aloha brand started its online presence under the umbrella of The Tikiyaki Orchestra but is transitioning to its own website.

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