Ryan Patterson

a.k.a. Founder of Cat Magic Punks

Cat Magic Punks is the brainchild of Louisville, Kentucky-based artist/musician Ryan Patterson, owner of Shirt Killer and founder of the bands Fotocrime and Coliseum.

Patterson is known for his dense, instantly recognizable collage-based artwork. Patterson utilizes digital and physical tools to create hypnotic imagery with a proclivity for symmetry and a fixation on the dark and mysterious aspects of popular culture. Inspired equally by the cut-n-paste, photocopied aesthetic of early punk/hardcore and the cluttered kitsch of '60s and '70s exploitation film posters, Patterson blends elements of both.

His work has graced t-shirt and album cover designs for countless bands.

Cat Magic Punks was inspired by Ryan and his partner Jamie’s beloved and dearly departed cats, Waylon and Willie. Waylon and Willie each appeared on Coliseum’s band t-shirts to great acclaim, and the idea for an entirely cat-themed line of apparel was born.

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7 Dec 2021
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