Ken Pleasant

a.k.a. Pleasant Tiki

Ken and Heather Pleasant are a husband and wife team who create mid-century style tiki art. Both are heavily influenced by the late, great William Westenhaver. Westenhaver (Heather’s Grandfather) was a brilliant artist, designer, and wood carver, who presided over Witco Decor. Witco was a world renowned furniture and decor company based in Mount Vernon Washington from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. He instilled a love of art and a zest for life in his granddaughter, who has many fond memories of running around his art studio and being able to play with all the art supplies. Ken and Bill had an immediate fondness for one another. It wasn’t long after Ken married into the Westenhaver family in 1998 that Grampa Bill began teaching Ken how to carve. Ken, since childhood has had a love of tools, woodworking, and building things, so it seemed like a natural fit when he discovered chainsaw carving. He learned to carve in Bill’s garage, on vintage chainsaws from the Witco factory, complete with the pulley system to help distribute the weight of the heavy machine. Bill passed down a wealth of knowledge to Ken and the two developed a great friendship in the process. The joy that this process brought to them both was immeasurable. William Westenhaver got to watch his “Little Buddy” carve and create for the last 20 years of his life. He is missed every day. Heather and Ken continue to honor him in carrying on their family legacy by recreating the designs he passed down to them as well as new designs.

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