Gits Molding Corp. - Chicago

This family-run business began in the 1890s and continues to the present, although it has changed greatly over the years.

For the focus on injection molding and swizzles, the peak era appears to have been 1910-1950. Their other major lines at this time included Art Deco styled light switch plates, chess sets, knife handles, and flashlights.

Gits Brothers -- Started operation sometime just before the turn of the century in the 1890s. The brothers, Joseph, Louis Remi and Jules Paul came together with their patented design to manufacture the Gits Oil Cup, still used today in machinery across the world.

Gits Molding Company -- After a brief go with his brothers, Joe (Joseph) and JP (Jules Paul) went on their own to start Gits Molding in 1910. Joe & JP’s initially operated their new company, out of the receiving dock of their brother’s business Gits Brothers. With his recent Commercial Arts degree from the Art Institute of Chicago, JP produced many new and patented designs. Joe and JP brought the country’s first injection molding presses to the USA in order to mold the handle of his new design the Gits Knife.

JP Gits Molding -- At the end of the 1940s Jules Conroy, (JC) having attended Bradley University, joined his fathers team of designers, and progressive manufactures at the now JP Gits Molding Company located at 4600 W Huron in Chicago. Housewares became a driving interest for the young JC, as he established his role in the company. ...crystal seal moldings...Diehard battery ---thermo cups --- thermo ice-chest (the first ever injection foamed product sold anywhere) and many, many other products.

J Gits Molding -- After the death of his father and then his uncle Joe in the 1960s, JP Gits Molding was sold and out of that, still another molding company was born; JJ Gits Industries of Addison Illinois. Owned by both Jules and his brother Jack, together they manufactured house-ware products, custom products and packaging needs for industry. These were the years that the two brothers raised their children, and from that pack emerged Deborah, who after getting her MFA at SMC of Notre Dame, in 1980, joined her father at the drawing board of his new JC Gits Company.

JC Gits Company -- Together they became experts in returnable packaging. Once again looking at structural foamed materials, realizing its inherent strengths, reusability, moldable geometry, and low costs, started using it for packaging. Years later in 2013, generation four stood ready. Dave Conroy Joseph IDSA, industrial designer, followed in the footsteps of his great grandfather, grandfather, and mother.

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