a.k.a. Faust Acosta

Faust is a California artist.

He has done limited authorized & customized runs of hand-painted mugs. He is also highly sought after by mug owners to do commissions of one-off embellishment on tiki mugs they've purchased.

An "embellished" piece is one that has been customized by a second party (not the original artist or manufacturer) and as such, colors and other details vary -- each "embellished" piece is different and unique. Customized or "Kustom" work could be done by any artist who is authorized, but "embellishment" is exclusive to unauthorized second-party work.

Many do not make the distinction and call all work "customization" but this site is seeking to differentiate between what is authorized or unauthorized with additional nomenclature.

Faust's customizing or embellishing is usually done through use of acrylic or enamel paint.

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7 Aug 2021
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22 Aug 2021
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