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    These slender, more modern, hurricane glasses were sold in sets of 2 (one with coral and one with turquoise) by Scoundrel's Landing and feature artwork designed by 50's Vintage Dame.

    Wrap art features hurricane winds blowing a girl in a sarong holding a palm tree, a hut, a ukulele, a pineapple, a coconut, a Moai, and several other bits of iconic tiki/island flotsam and jetsam.

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    From Scoundrel's Landing:

    "A pirate's life for me!" closed edition 22oz snifter glassware from Scoundrel's Landing and 50s Vintage Dame.

    The glassware highlights a pirate's harrowing journey across the high seas to a desert island fortune of rum!

    Features a 5 color screen-print 360 wrapped design on a large snifter. Made in sunny southern California."

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    These mai tai glasses feature a Tiki mask on one side and a native man using a fishing net on the other side.

    Black and turquoise blue graphics on clear glass.

    Produced using American-made Libbey glasses but final product only available in Australia.