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Tiki Mug Design

Punch Drunk - Full Color Limited Edition - by Dave Dexter - for Munktiki

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This mug is shaped like the head of a winking drunk who's had way too many rum punches.

From Munktiki:

"Punch Drunk is the definitive mug for slap happy collectors. The bar flies are buzzing about the new Punch Drunk mug. Millions of inter dimensional tree frogs give this new mug a four ribbit review. It’s a perfect container for nice gooey drinks.

Up for sale right now is this brand new limited edition mug by our new Munktiki studio artist, Dexter! We’re so excited to have him in the studio making mugs with us. He has tons of knowledge in the field of ceramics, even more so with a brush and canvas.

His first mug, Punch Drunk, is up for sale right now and this color is limited to just 25 mugs total. Don’t snooze!"

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