Zombie Fez Tiki Mug - Deluxe Special Edition Green with Purple Fez - by Biggs Tiki


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Biggs Tiki
Biggs Tiki
Biggs Tiki

This is a mug shaped like a skull-like zombie head with nose cavity, teeth bared, droopy eyes, and close-cropped tousled hair -- wearing a purple fez decorated with an all-seeing eye and tassle. This "Deluxe" design in green with purple fez and some golden yellow accent detail on tassel and eye was released in small numbers in an unspecified run. There are a number of other glaze variants for this design as well as modified bong/waterpipe or decanter formats. The other glaze variants for the mug include a deluxe special edition in blue with blue fez, a deluxe special edition in green with red fez, a white zombie variant with red accent detail, and a white zombie blue accent detailed variant. Comes with the "Brain Killer" cocktail recipe card.

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26 Feb 2021
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26 Feb 2021
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