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Good vibes and quiet. Drinks were decent and there is a good rum selection. Bartender is super cool but drinks are mostly pre-batched. They’re decent but this won’t be the place to try and do fun rum experiments.

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Tiki Bar

Mutiny Bar

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Mutiny Bar opened in Southwest Detroit in November 2017 by Dave Kwiatkowski's Detroit Optimist Society bar group. The bar's vintage wood paneling is topped with some added bamboo and thatch touches. The decor includes fish nets with colored Christmas lights on the ceiling, tiki and nautical pieces hung on the walls, and a selection of framed vintage menus from the area's mid-century Polynesian restaurants.

*NOTE: A refurbishment in 2020 included new booths with Chinese jade tile separators and aqua blue Japanese fish float lights above the bar top.

The team of bartenders has been playing with tiki drinks in the Detroit area for years, and the menu is mainly focused on their own tiki-inspired creations.

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