Max's Kona Kai Frigate Bird - Super Limited Edition #16

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This mug is based on a vintage 10' tall carving of a Frigate Bird done by Jim Casey that originated in 1960 with the opening of the Kona Kai in Philadelphia. It sat above their entryway originally and was salvaged when the Kona Kai was demolished in 1985. Later, it was purchased for Max's along with several other pieces in the Jordan Reichek collection which were catalogued by Sven Tiki in his exhibition catalogue book, The Art of Tiki, in 2017.

Along with the mug came an 8 1/2" x 14" poster of the original Kona-Ka architectural plans by Armet & Davis (Los Angeles Architectural Firm).

This is the ultra detailed version limited to 25 pieces and are hand-painted by Max's in-house ceramics crew (Olivia, Elise, and Jerry "Bertiki " or "The Rainbow Professor"). There is also a less detailed regular limited edition of 200 pieces which are 40% smaller than the Super Limited version.

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1 Nov 2021
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1 Nov 2021
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