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a.k.a. Troh Mask Mug of the Bangwa Cameroon Night Society

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Troh a.k.a. Troh Mask Mug of the Bangwa Cameroon Night Society - in 1 collection

Tiki Kaimuki
Tiki Kaimuki Ceramics

A mug shaped like an African mask used by the Bangwa Cameroon Night Society (Troh). Each mug is hand built and has unique colors and embellishments. Measures: 6.75"H X 6"W X 5"D.

Among the Bangwa kingdoms of the Cameroon Grassfields, the central fwa (chief) and a number of secret societies are responsible for the social rule of each kingdom. One such society is the Night Society (Troh) of nine council members, believed to be the descendants of the original nine companions of the founding Bangwa fwa. Legend goes that just before his death, the founding fwa told his Troh council members the name of his heir and charged them with his succession, enthronement and education. Thus it is maintained that the Troh society is responsible for the selection and enthronement of the next chief and must pass on secret knowledge to him. Troh members must maintain the social and religious well being of the people by dispensing arresting, prosecuting and executing criminals and witches. Inherited from his predecessor, each member of Troh owns a wooden helmet mask or headdress. These masks are used to incite fear -- they possess supernatural powers and ancestral knowledge that only members of the Troh may gain access to. So dangerous are these masks to the uninitiated, the mere sight of them is deemed capable of transferring deadly evil spirits to the individual.

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