Wahine With Hibiscus Flowers - Halloween 2021 Bride of Frankenstein Variant - Limited Edition for Esotico Miami #38

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Halloween 2021 Bride of Frankenstein mug

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Halloween 2021 Bride of Frankenstein mug. #038

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Eekum Bookum
Esotico Miami

This mug was produced for Halloween 2021 and is shaped like the head of a dark-haired Polynesian wahine with hibiscus blossoms in her hair -- similar to a previously released mugs -- but with the addition of stitches/suture lines on her forehead and neckline to make her "The Bride".

The mug hearkens back to 1960s era chalkware head busts put out by Marwal (and other lesser known companies) which among other themes, had a line of native Polynesian girl head busts wearing hibiscus flowers in their hair.

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31 Oct 2021
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8 Nov 2021
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