Tiki Caliente 8 Wahaika Warclub Mug #3

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Doug Horne
Eekum Bookum

This is a mug shaped like a Wahaika Warclub resting on a bed of lava rock. The resting Tiki on the club has abalone eyes and the handle Tiki has a leather beaded handle around its neck. The mug was designed by Doug Horne and manufactured by Eekum Bookum (John and Janet Mulder). These were available only to attendees. The Wahaika was a short weapon used for close quarter fighting only, with thrusts and jabs. It is believed the small ridge on the blade side was to trap the opponent's weapon thereby disarming them. These clubs were held at the end by a thong of dog's skin looped through the handle and securely around the hand.

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13 Sep 2022
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13 Sep 2022
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