Tiki Whale Tiki Mug

a.k.a. Sheryl Schroeder's Tiki Whale Mug

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Tiki Whale Mug - by Sheryl Schroeder - for TikiLand Trading Company a.k.a. Sheryl Schroeder's Tiki Whale Mug - in 2 collections

Sheryl Schroeder

From TikiLand Trading Company:

"This mug looks as if it had been carved out of wood, with a multi-tone brown glaze, and the intricate 'Hawaiian fabric style' design is highlighted with a beautiful blue-green color glaze. These beautiful glazes, along with the carved look of the sculpt, really present differently depending on the lighting. This mug holds about 38oz to the rim (varies slightly mug to mug), is about 13 inches long, and has a nice solid weight of about 2.8 lbs."

Designed by Sheryl Schroeder, sculpted by THOR, and produced by TikiLand Trading Company.

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8 Sep 2022
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8 Sep 2022
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