Island Girl cocktail glass matching set with base

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Orange tapa print one piece swimsuit, matched with green Lono.

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Black Lagoon
Black Lagoon Designs

This set includes a special base that the mugs sit in. The Island Girl cocktail mug is sitting next to a standing tiki mug. Either the new Sandwich Isle Jacket Tiki mug, which matches her bathing suit, or the new Lono Tiki mug.

From Danielle Mann, the artist:

"Meet my TWO latest cocktail mugs - my Sandwich Isle Jacket Tiki and Island Girl.

The Sandwich Isle Tikis stand at approx. 24cm tall and hold approximately 500mls of your favorite drink. The Lono Tikis stand at approx. 22cm tall and hold approximately 400mls of your favorite drink

The Island Girls stand at approx. 23cm tall and hold approximately 600mls of your favorite cocktail OR mocktail!. They are made by hand from white earthenware pottery, lead free food safe glaze and love.

The base is made out of resin and has another coating of clear resin so that this can be wiped down after use, please hand wash only - these are NOT dishwasher safe and please be careful when washing around the little shrubs. There are also small cut-outs of faux grass for both mugs, please note - these will crinkle with perspiration from your drink - they have been added for a soft touch-down for your mug and also the little areas where the mugs sit are not completely level to the mug so they also stop the mug from any wiggle when being carried, these little grassy patches can not be washed."

*Measures just under 9.5 inches tall with tallest piece and holds 37 oz between both pieces.

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23 Aug 2022
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23 Aug 2022
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