Ventiki Signature Tiki Mug - First Edition - in Beachcomber Brown

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This mug is a full standing tiki with a large "V" on forehead, round eyes, and a squarish nose and mouth. Marked for the Ventiki in Ventura, CA. First color-way of 500 glazed in a "Beachcomber Brown" with "Jade Green" second color-way following. Signature drink with this mug is the “Poerava” (pronounced “Po-oh-ra-va” which translates as “Black-Pearl). Made with Kerns Farm Peach Nectar, Kerns Farm Guava Nectar, Lime Juice, Rum Blend (with LemonHart 1804 and Coruba), Pimento Dram, Angostura Bitters and Vanilla Syrup. Garnished with a tall Ventiki Swizzle and an orchid. "Beachcomber Brown" version released on 12/23/17 with first 100 receiving an accompanying print.

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20 Aug 2022
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20 Aug 2022
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