Haka Warrior Tiki Mug - Gray Edition - by Haven Cove Customs

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Green with gold teeth

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Haven Cove Customs

This is a mug shaped like a full standing Kane/Tiki in haka stance with hands on hips and rippling arm, chest, and back muscles. The mask/tiki head has large circular eyes and a downturned serious haka grimace full of clenched teeth. Large circular Tahitian-style Tiki face tattoo on back. Figure wears only a loincloth.

Produced in one of several color editions for a 48-hour pre-sale (green, blue, red, gray, etc...) and there were also at least 6 differently-colored Artist Proofs that went up for sale at the same time.

From Haven Cove Customs:

"Haka holds roughly 12 ounces. Lava placement will vary with the lava variant."

Haven Cove Customs has pointed out that while they have produced many mugs with different themes, pirate and otherwise, that are generically referred to as "tiki mugs", that this is their first literal tiki mug release.

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15 Aug 2022
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16 Aug 2022
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