Port O' Paradise Tiki Mug - in Koa Wood Brown - by Tiki Farm - for Home Aloha Co.

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Tiki Farm
Home Aloha

From Home Aloha:

"As developers started clearing space for the massive international marketplace that would be built at the Port of Paradise they came across an ancient Tiki. To not offend the gods they moved the Tiki into the main entrance at the port.

Once cleaned of its jungle moss it was a perfect welcoming beacon for visitors.

Available in souvenir shops in restaurants, hotels, bars and roadside stands, we bring you the Port O' Paradise genuine Tiki Mug. Available in 'Jungle Moss' green as it was originally discovered and in 'Original Koa' brown as it stands today. A symbol of the welcoming nature of Home Aloha’s most prominent port!"

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15 Aug 2022
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15 Aug 2022
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