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MiniTikiMeow, Odd Rodney

This is a modernist interpretation of the classic Tiki Bob and a collaboration with design by Odd Rodney and both sculpted and originally manufactured by MiniTikiMeow (Carol Gravem). It is more of a lo-ball shape or slightly elongated coconut shape. The simple face is even more of a suggestion with one eye visible and the bridge of the nose slightly bent to follow the contours of the face. As an artist proof, glazes and other design elements are distinct and unique.

From Rodney: "The design is my attempt to bridge the gap between clean mid-century modern design and all of the character that Tiki embodies. The surface glaze is a 'matte copper brown'. Inside glaze is a light green with mottled brown."

The first release was sculpted and manufactured by MiniTikiMeow in 2019 based on one of Odd Rodneys pendant designs. The first edition created by Carol was limited to 50 pieces, 20 of which were sold with a matching ceramic pendant of the same design at Tiki Oasis in San Diego. The second edition is made by Odd Rodney using the same mold, clay slip, and glazes, but the glaze on the names on bottom of the mug is rubbed off to distinguish between the two versions.

The second edition was first sold around 4 Jun 2020.

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