Donn The Beachcomber Moai Mug – Beachcomber’s Gold Edition - by SHAG – for the Donn of Tiki Kickstarter

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Tiki Farm

This is a tall stylized moai mug designed to resemble Donn the Beachcomber with his signature hat and pencil thin mustache. It is glazed in yellow with the exception of a white and red flower blossom behind his right ear.

From the Donn of Tiki Documentary film Kickstarter:

"Pledge US $250 or more

Shag Mug (Beachcomber's Gold Glaze)

According to Donn, 'Beachcomber's Gold' was Marlene Dietrich's favorite of all his cocktails. In honor of Ms. Dietrich we're creating a special gold glaze for these 250 mugs.

With this tier, you can own this limited edition (only 250 produced) Donn Beach mug with certificate of authenticity, designed by Shag, produced by Tiki Farm."

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11 Aug 2022
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14 Aug 2022
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