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    Pagan Idol Tiki Mug Open Edition Gloss Brown a.k.a. Pagan Idol Tiki Mug Second Edition

    Designed by Ivan Mora and manufactured by Tiki Farm. This mug is shaped like a large Ku stacked upon a smaller Tiki head with tentacles swirling around the front and jungle foliage, hibiscus blossoms, and palm trees decorating the back. The Pagan Idol limited edition is glazed in matte brown and the gloss green is their first open edition. This gloss brown version is their second open edition.

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    The Polynesian NYC Derelict Mug

    This mug is shaped like a native head with closed eyes, hoop earrings, and clenched teeth (one of which on top is gold!). Blue wipe-away glaze leaving a primarily off-white mug with blue in the recesses to make the sculpt "pop". Released end of 2018. In the menu, this mug is matched to the "The Derelict", described as including "rums, bourbon, banana, cinnamon, passion fruit, absinthe and juices."

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    Skull Wall Mug For Three Dots and a Dash Second Edition a.k.a. Skulls & Bamboo Mug For Three Dots and a Dash Two Tone Tan & Blue

    This is a tall rectangular mug with three sides made of bamboo and glazed in tan/beige and one of stacked skulls glazed in blue. It is made to resemble the entrance to the bar, whose wall of skulls is illuminated in blue light as you walk down the stairs. There is an "Easter Egg" of sorts honoring Paul McGee (formerly of Three Dots) at the bottom of the wall where a skull has Mcgee's signature beard. The back reads: "Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago, IL." Used to serve their house cocktail, the Three Dots and a Dash.

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    Archipelago Tiki Fog Cutter Mug

    This is a wood-grained fog cutter shaped mug with blue glazed details, including a tiki mask, tropical foliage, and both the top and bottom rims. Archipelago opened in Washington, DC in February 2016.

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    Three Dots and a Dash Sea Urchin Mug Pink a.k.a. Three Dots and a Dash Sea Urchin Mug Third Edition

    This is a mug shaped like a pink sea urchin. Designed by Shelby Allison (wife of owner Paul McGee) and Holden Westland of Tiki Farm. This is the third edition of this design, glazed in pink.

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    Regal Hawaiian a.k.a. Politiki Pop-Up Bar Obama Mug

    Mug shaped like a Moai head influenced version of the USA's 44th President, Barack Obama. Glazed in brown. Available Summer 2018 at the Politiki pop-up bar in Washington, D.C., back in the basement Elixir Bar at Barrel after 20 years. Used to serve their “Regal Hawaiian” made with Barr Hill Gin, white rum, pineapple, lemon, orgeat and passionfruit -- inspired by the signature cocktail of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. This mug is part of a set which also includes an orange headed and peachy nude Donald Trump mug and a green-glazed Steve Bannon head mug.