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Can't remember what these were being sold for exactly but I seem to recall it was about $15 or $20 a piece.


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Swizzle Stick Design

Grider Stacked Skulls - Copper

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A metal swizzle topped with 4 skulls. These came in Brass, Copper, Relic Green, or Nickel finish. This is the Copper version.

From Grider: "Each Topper is hand sculpted by MK Grider he then takes that sculpt and vulcanizes it in a silicone rubber creating a mold. That mold is put into a centrifuge and hot metal is poured into the mold. The metal is cast around a stainless steel rod, that we cut to size and hand sand, securing it into place. Each one is then hand sanded and polished and sent to be plated where it gets a copper, nickel, or brass finish. Once back we patina each one and then polish and coat with a crystal clear enamel!"

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