Waldorf Polynesian Room, The, Tiki Bar - Red

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I have 3 of these in my collection.

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I have one of these available for trade, preferably for a color-way of this design I don't have. There is a translucent red that was produced and a solid green version also that I do not have. Possibly more colors as well...

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Waldorf Polynesian Room, The, Tiki Bar - Red a.k.a. Drummer Swizzle Spoon - in 2 collections

This is a swizzle with spoon at bottom. The top features a rendition of a male Tahitian Drummer featured in one of the Edgar Leeteg black velvet paintings hanging in the Polynesian Room. It is marked for the Waldorf in Vancouver, B.C., whose location houses both the Tahitian Lounge on the ground level and the larger Polynesian Room in the basement.

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11 Jun 2020
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22 Jan 2022
Trader Tom
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