Visit: 9 Jul 2022

I visited here with the family and bought their new $35 Mai Tai mug. I've been here on several occasions over the years but this was the first time in a while because of Covid and I was able to see some of their new changes including the sidewalk-side seating and the new interior dining area in what had previously been a Hawaiiana store. The Mai Tai was on point with lots of fresh mint!

Tiki Bar:

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VenTiki Bar & Restaurant – Ventura, California, United States

VenTiki opened in July 2013. Great care and attention were paid to the history of Polynesian Pop, particularly with the tropical drinks.

It is full of modern-style bamboo touches and chunky resin lamps. There is also an outdoor patio area in front.

It has a dedicated shrine to Magnum P.I.

The logo design was created by local artist Tiki tOny.

In 2016, a storm blew a tree over onto the patio; its fall was stopped by a carved tiki, saving some patrons who would have been struck.

There was an adjacent Ventiki shop for several years, but around 2021, this space was converted to another interior dining area which was badly needed.

As of 2022, Ventiki built additional outdoor seating curbside and during peak evenings, a line can form between these curbside areas and the hostess stand, but it usually moves fairly quickly.

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