Visit: 5 Aug 2012

I visited the last month it was around, right before it closed and re-opened as Hale Pele. I seem to remember that we swung by the weekend of Tiki Kon 2012 and picked up a couple of their cannibal mugs as well -- one of which I have still today.

Tiki Bar:

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Thatch Bar – Portland, Oregon, United States

Thatch was a newer tiki bar; it opened in northeast Portland in January 2007. It featured a sunken bar, booths rescued from a nearby original Armet & Davis Denny's, lots of bamboo, and of course, thatch. Some of the tiki decor came from the nearby Jasmine Tree, which in turn got its decor from the Portland Kon-Tiki when it closed.

Thatch closed in late spring 2012, and reopened in late August 2012 under new ownership as Hale Pele.

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