Visit: 11 Jun 2007

I was here for Damon's 70th Anniversary bash held on June 11th, 2007. Picked up the glass from the event and had dinner there with friends and family. I've been to Damon's several times over the years and once I even guest bartended for the evening (October 29th, 2007). :)

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Damon's Bar & Restaurant – Glendale, California, United States

Large family restaurant in Glendale, with a bar in the rear. This is Damon's second location; the original was opened in 1937, and this location opened in 1980. A short list of tropical drinks is offered, and food sticks to old-school, meaty classics. The food quality improved a bit with the arrival of a new owner and chef in 2004. The decor is more on the elegant end of Polynesian Pop, with lots of bamboo and beautiful painted murals (painted in 1987 by Bettina Rakita Byrne in the style of Eugene Savage), and lighting comes from a number of different styles of traditional Poly-Pop light fixtures. In 2014, Bamboo Ben was brought in to do a "tune-up" of the decor, with some fresh thatch, tapa cloth, and bamboo and rope repair work. In the past, it has been targeted by the city of Glendale for an "update" of its facade, but that danger seems to have passed.

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