Canoe House

Visit: 15 Oct 2015

I've been here once. The date is a rough estimate. I had one drink to pass the time while I was waiting to meet up with friends. I has the feel of a slightly exoticized Marie Calendar's...

Tiki Bar:

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Canoe House Bar & Restaurant – South Pasadena, California, United States

Previously Wild Thyme Restaurant, Canoe House opened in January 2012.

The restaurant design layout features a canoe hanging from the rafters as you would expect. They also have several very nice tiki lamps throughout the building, paddles, Hawaiian art prints, and at least one large Papua New Guinea tiki mask.

Big screen TVs at the bar and throughout the restaurant kill the island ambience somewhat but it brings in a sports crowd.

Food is sort of Hawaiian fusion -- not as high-end as a Roy's -- although you can get herb crusted mahi mahi -- but with a wide variety of sandwiches, burgers, and tacos it feels more like a Hawaiian-styled Applebees.

They have a very limited cocktail menu and don't feature traditional tiki cocktails, but do have an island style mai-tai made with Gosling's and Malibu rum as well as pineapple and orange juice.

The restaurant also has a very nice outdoor patio with a fire pit.

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