Bamboo Ben's Showroom

Visit: 1 Jan 2010

I was here early in 2010 before he shut down the showroom and purchased a mug from Ben and talked for a bit. This might have been my only visit to the showroom.

Tiki Bar:

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Bamboo Ben's Showroom Store – Huntington Beach, California, United States

This listing is for Bamboo Ben's Showroom, which he closed in 2010 to focus on custom installations. He can (and should!) still be contacted for all your tiki and bamboo construction needs.

Ben is the grandson of "the original beachcomber," artist Eli Hedley, who was responsible for outfitting many of the grand tiki establishments of the original golden era of Polynesian Pop. Bamboo Ben crafts beautiful bamboo pieces, tiki bars in particular, and today is himself responsible for the buildouts of many of the better modern-day tiki bars and tropical environments.

Bamboo Ben's Showroom is where he once offered unique pieces of bamboo art and furniture to the general public.

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