Bruce The Shark Mug Poster Variant by MONDO


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Michael Bonanno, THOR
Tiki Farm

This mug is modeled after "Bruce", the great white shark in the film Jaws, which debuted in 1975 and was directed by Steven Spielberg. This "Poster Variant" in blue and gray modeled after the original poster is one of a few variants, including a "Standard Variant" in white and gray with red details (un-numbered open edition), "Chum Variant" in wipe-away red glaze (limited to 400) and an "Amity Variant" in wipe-away blue glaze (limited to 360). There is also a "ComicCon 2019 Variant" in sandstone brown with dark brown wipe glaze (limited to 200). Each mug also includes a translucent red swizzle stick "swimmer" that helps re-create the classic 1975 film poster with the swimmer directly above the shark's mouth.

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30 Dec 2021
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30 Dec 2021
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