Pirate At The Helm Mug - by THOR - for Tikiland Trading Company


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THOR, TikiLand Trading Co.

From Tikiland Trading Company:

"Maritime legend tells of a fine pirate that sailed the Pacific searching to add to his growing collection of Tiki carvings from the islands he explored.

So fascinated with this art form, he wove their beauty into the wooden skin of his galleon! But great and mighty were the squalls that locked their talons grip upon his sails and left them tattered and a flutter!

The lighting and beckoning of Davy Jones took life and flesh from both ship and captain, leaving him lifeless, with iron grip at the great ship's helm. His crimson red frock coat shredded and fluttering like the tell tails of a jib. His bones bleached from the salty sea and scorching sun. Yet he remains fast to the wheel...on a ghost ship destined for lands unknown.

Pirate at the Helm, a continuation of Thor’s pirate tiki mug series is limited to 300 mugs, and comes with a custom tiki cocktail recipe crafted by Kelly Merrell.

This ceramic tiki mug is was designed by Thor, sculpted by Thor, and is one of our first two mugs that has been manufactured in-house at TikiLand Trading Co. by the same team that previously made mugs released by Thor Arts!"

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30 Dec 2021
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30 Dec 2021
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