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Top Notch Kustoms Store – San Jose, California, United States

Top Notch Kustoms is the auto shop of Ignacio "Notch" Gonzalez. Notch is famous for several things in the tiki world: for building the famous towering Ku and Moai tiki bars seen at Viva Las Vegas, Tiki Oasis and Forbidden Island; for creating the jaw-dropping decor at Smuggler's Cove; and creating original and replica tiki mugs.

Notch's many talents manifest in many different ways, but here at his shop, it's mostly about carsNotch's specialty is hot rod customization. His shop holds a completely immersive tiki bar as a break room. It's a small space, but some ingenious interior design work gives it the feel of a full-size, full-featured tiki bar. Particularly notable: Notch's shop houses the neon sign for the fabled Cosmo Place Trader Vic's in San Francisco.

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