The Jungle Room - at Graceland - Memphis

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The Jungle Room - at Graceland - Memphis Museum – Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Graceland is the mansion of Elvis Presley, and today it serves as a museum, with daily tours. Graceland is notable as a tiki destination for one reason: the legendary Jungle Room. This was Elvis' den, and it was decorated entirely with chunky Witco furniture, made of singed Cypress. Included is a small bar with stools, decorated with tikis. The room is also notable for its lime-green shag carpet, not only on the floor, but also on the ceiling.

Legend has it that Elvis found the furniture in a showroom in Memphis, and bought the entire set; coincidentally, that same day, his father Vernon had seen the set in the same store, and mentioned to Elvis how ugly it had been, without knowing that Elvis had bought the whole shebang.

The Jungle Room was the site of Elvis' final two studio recording sessions in 1976, when he set up a makeshift studio in the room. Tracks from the sessions have appeared on several posthumous releases.

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