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Tiki Bar

Clifton's Pacific Seas (Modern) - on Broadway - Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, United States

Pacific Seas is a bar inside of the Clifton's complex in downtown Los Angeles. It opened November 12th, 2016, and pays tribute to the original Clifton's Pacific Seas, which was located a few blocks away on Olive Street and operated from 1939-1960. This Clifton's location on Broadway opened in 1935 and remained in operation until it closed for extensive remodeling in 2011 by new owner Andrew Meieran, finally reopening in 2015.

In addition to the nod to Clifton's own Polynesian Pop history, Pacific Seas incorporates elements from the later heyday of 1960s tiki, thanks in particular to decor purchased from Bahooka after it closed in early 2013. Pacific Seas was built by Bamboo Ben, grandson of the famous early Tiki decorator and builder Eli Hedley.

Reservations are recommended, and there is a dress code (basically: don't wear shorts and a t-shirt, put a little effort in and you'll be fine, wear some nice vintage aloha and you're golden).

*NOTE: In September 2022, Los Angeles real estate investment firm Robhana Group acquired Andrew Meieran’s Clifton’s Cafeteria, aka Clifton’s Republic for $8.6 million. It’s said Clifton’s signed a long-term lease with the new owner so that the nightclub, including Pacific Seas, would remain open.

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