Jade Chalice - Limited Edition - Green Tile - by Doug Horne - for TikiLand Trading Company


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Mug Design:

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Doug Horne
TikiLand Trading Co.

This tall, slender, mug has Papua New Guinea style masks around the bottom, Chinese Jade tiles around the middle, and Chinese designs stretching up to the top lip of the vessel.

From TikiLand Trading Company:

"Doug Horne's Jade Chalice Tiki Mug - Green Tile (300 Edn) & Real Gold Tile (30 Edn) Limited Editions

Two editions are available: Green Tile - Limited Edition of 300 Real Gold Tile - Super Limited Edition of 30 (This features 22k Gold)

⁣Only 1 mug is included with each order - choose Green or Gold. Both editions have color glaze (non-brown) interiors. This mug holds about 26.5oz (varies slightly mug to mug), is about 10” tall.

Mugs are in production. Ships in April!

This is a collaboration between TikiLand Trading Co. and Doug Horne. Designed and Made in sunny Southern California by TikiLand Trading Co. Each mug is hand made. Each mug is hand cast, hand cleaned up seam lines, then individually hand glazed! As a result, each mug will be unique and have small variations in glaze, color, cleanup, etc. Hand wash only!"

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30 Oct 2022
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30 Oct 2022
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