Pineapple King - Amber Stain - The Classics Collection - by Tank Standing Buffalo - for Tiki Farm


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Tiki Farm
Tiki Farm

This is a mug shaped like a Lono tiki with tall headdress that incorporates a pineapple. This version is in an amber stain and there is one in a brown stain as well.

From the Tiki Farm website:

"'The Pineapple King', the Hawaiian Tiki God Lono, is the inspiration here with a simplified version of its classic headdress but with one addition – the inclusion of a pineapple. The pineapple itself is the Hawaiian symbol for 'Welcome'. We thought that having a sculpted welcoming element included in our new Lono-inspired mug would simply add a bit of levity to the design as well as an added storyline allowing you to explain to your friends the welcoming nature of the pineapple in Hawaiian culture."

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12 Aug 2021
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12 Aug 2021
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