Bakelite & Bamboo Bangle Stack Mug - in Yellow Amber/Red/Green - by Tiki Tuscadero


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Tiki Tuscadero
Tiki Tuscadero
Tiki Tuscadero

A hand-sculpted mug carved to look like a stack of Bakelite bangle bracelets with bamboo spacers by Tiki Tuscadero.

This mug was sculpted so that the bangles are the size of actual bangle bracelets.

This mug holds 12 oz. It is approximately 6.75 inches tall with a mouth opening of just over 2.75 inches.

Bangles are glazed using a three step glaze process with a high gloss glaze in amber on the bamboo spacers and black inside of the mug.

These come numbered and this edition is limited to 50. Glazes are food safe and lead free. Hand wash only.

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18 Sep 2021
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18 Sep 2021
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