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Tiki Mug Design

The Cannibal - Oceanic Blue - by Jordan Reichek - for Peekaboo Gallery

aka Oceanic Arts Tahitian Cannibal Eater Mug - Blue Wipe in 9 collections

From Peekaboo Gallery:

"This impressive chalice, 'THE CANNIBAL' is based on an original Tiki post carving by LeRoy Schmaltz created for the famous Don the Beachcomber restaurant at The Sahara Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Beachcomber location featured some of the most elaborate and wide-ranging décor of any in the company’s chain across the globe. A series of eight entrance posts were fabricated by Oceanic Arts for placement at the interior of the venue. Each of these tall entrance tikis were unique and represented an amalgamation of Polynesian tribal styles. Upon the closing of the Las Vegas restaurant in the 1970s, the company sold a good deal of its décor back to Oceanic Arts. Over the years, OA sold or repurposed much of this décor into their Luau Rental Department.

The mug was designed by Peekaboo Gallery owner and author of OCEANIC ARTS: The Godfathers of TIKI, JORDAN REICHEK. The design is a representation of the Don the Beachcomber, 'Cannibal Post' carving and it features a base that pays homage to OA’s famous rope-wrapped brass tiki table lamp shades. This mug is MASSIVE, measuring 9 inches tall and 5 inches wide at the base, holding approximately 18oz of liquid gold! It comes in a special commemorative OA box."

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