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    Porco Lounge & Tiki Room Tiki Mug First Edition a.k.a. Tiki Diablo Tahitian Cannibal Trio Eater For Porco Lounge & Tiki Room

    This "Eater" style Tiki is inspired by a member of the traditional Tahitian Cannibal Trio. He has a small pig in his hands which he is in the process of eating and the pig has a hole through it, enabling users to skewer it with a toothpick and cherry garnish or anything else that strikes their fancy. There are two variants: a bluish brown version for #1-100 & a reddish brown version for #101-200. In each variant, the glaze has "uplights" of lighter shaded glaze on knees, hands, mouth, and eyes as though he is eating in front of a light source.

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    Tiki Underground 3rd Anniversary Monkey Mug - First Edition - Orange - by Eekum Bookum

    This mug is shaped like a fez-wearing big-fanged monkey crouching and holding a tiki head between its knees. This first edition in orange was followed by a second edition in blue.

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    Tiki Underground 3rd Anniversary Monkey Mug - Second Edition - Blue - by Eekum Bookum

    This mug is shaped like a fez-wearing big-fanged monkey crouching and holding a tiki head between its knees. This second edition in blue was preceded by a first edition in orange.

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    Kahiki Moai Salt & Pepper Shakers Brown

    These salt & pepper shakers are shaped like slender moai, with a brown finish, and are marked "Kahiki Supper Club" in black on the bottom.

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    Ten Pin Pilsner Glass a.k.a. Ten Pin Pilsener #846

    This is the Ten Pin Pilsner Glass that was used by Trader Vic's for the "Potted Parrot", "Shingle Stain" and other drinks. Obviously it gets its name from the fact that it is shaped like an upside-down bowling pin. It was also used by other establishments including The Kahiki Supper Club (for their "Bahia"). Can be found in Trader Vic's Bartender's Guide Revised Edition (1972). The black footed versions were older, and The Kahiki could only source clear ones in the mid to late 70s. The Imperial Glass catalogue number for these is #846 and also pictures a covered snack container shaped like a black bowling ball to accompany them (#857)

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    Hala Kahiki Pineapple Mug

    This is a rectangular brown mug marked for the Hala Kahiki in River Grove, IL, and marked with their signature pineapple logo in yellow. Reverse features a palm tree.

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    Aloha Joe in Green For Lowbrow Aloha a.k.a. Aloha Joe For Lowbrow Aloha 2nd Edition

    "Aloha Joe" is the official Lowbrow Aloha event mug. This mug is a stylization of the Witco tiki fountain, one of which resides at Hala Kahiki, which has hosted the Lowbrow Aloha art show since 2016. The open basin allows you to put a piece of dry ice in it for a mysterious drink presentation. Design by House of Tabu (Ken Holewczynski) & DSK Designs, based on vintage Witco design. This second edition is finished in green.

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    Dead Man's Isle Captain Mug - Green Seaweed Slime Wash - by Munktiki

    A mug shaped like a sea captain long dead and now a skeleton but still wearing his hat, an eyepatch, and uniform encrusted with barnacles and seaweed...with an eel sliding around his front and a crab on his back! The Captain is Dead Man’s Isle’s mascot and this mug is for the bar's signature drink. The mug comes in three color variants: Ghostly Blue with Hand Paint, Green Seaweed Slime Wash, and Porcelain white (whose translucence allows for colored LED ice cubes to give the mug a ghostly appearance).

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    Steve Crane Tongue Tiki Mug

    This mug was created for the Steve Crane restaurants by Gabe Florian. The mug is off-white, brown, blue and orange-brown, with a pink tongue sticking out. Mug is shaped like a rounded head, eyes are bright blue. Handle on back.

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    Samurai Grog Sword Mug

    Simple mug with "Samurai Grog" stamped in plain, small black letters on the side. Design has swords and symbols randomly placed all around a beige cylinder. Top and bottom rim are glazed in a darker brown.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    2 Crossed Swords

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    Steve Crane Bird Bowl a.k.a. Luau Bird Bowl, Bird of Paradise Bowl, Hypnotic Chicken

    This lovely bowl is a great example of the amazing designs of Gabe Florian. The bowl was designed by Florian for use in Steve Crane's restaurants, which include the Luau in Beverly Hills, and the chain of Kon-Tiki restaurants that were found in Sheratons. It is of the head of a bird, and is painted using a wide pallette of colors, blues, oranges, greens and reds. The birds eyes and beak are the prominent features, and the intense look on the bird's face has led some to call it the "Hypnotic Chicken" bowl. Like many of the Florian/Crane designs, the bowl is double walled, and is marked "Designed by Steve Crane Associates" underneath.

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    Steve Crane Ku Mug a.k.a. Steve Crane War God Mug

    This Ku tiki is unusual mainly for its coloration, bright red and yellow. The red areas have a fish scale or feather texture. Mug also has white, red and green painted details, and a white interior. Shape is of a rounded tiki head, with handle. In the menu, the cocktail used for this is called the "War God."

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    Tall Leilani Style Tiki Mug

    This brown matte mug with black bottom rim was apparently produced for the tourist trade. The mug depicts Ku with the classic leilani style face.

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    Trader Vic's 75th Anniversary Double Old Fashioned Glass Black

    Tiki Toli's description:

    For Trade See Tiki Toli's Wishlist Express Interest

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    Trader Vic's Atlanta Maori Mug Brown a.k.a. Trader Vic's Atlanta Barney West Mug

    This brown maori mug was manufactured by Tiki Farm for Trader Vic's Atlanta, GA location for their 30th Anniversary. The tiki has a jutting chin and open mouth revealing eleven teeth. Its face is adorned with moko.

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    Trader Vic's Logo Charger Plate

    This charger plate was manufactured for Trader Vic's. The plate is white with a grey border and gold trim. It has the Trader Vic's abelam mask and spears in the center. Charger plates are used to dress up a table, and proper etiquette dictates that the charger plate be removed when the guest is seated.

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    Trader Vic's Waikiki Octopus Mug Tall

    Tiki Toli's description:

    For Trade See Tiki Toli's Wishlist Express Interest

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Marked with ARO 70 on the side

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    Unmarked Tiki Leilani Mug Brown

    Ku design in the classic "Tiki Leilani" shape. Possibly manufactured by Orchids of Hawaii. Pale brown color. No markings, on either base or bottom.

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    USA Marked Tiki Leilani Mug Brown a.k.a. McCoy Pottery Tiki Leilani

    Tiki Toli's description:

    For Trade See Tiki Toli's Wishlist Express Interest

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    Wooden Ku Mug

    This ubiquitous ku mug is wooden and has a handle. These were manufactured in the Phillipines and have a multitude of variations including proper names in the mouth.

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    Mai Kai Abelam Mug Modern a.k.a. Mai Kai Handled Mask Mug Modern

    This is the modern version of the mug from the Mai Kai which has a handle on the back, and features a mask-like tiki design of the Abelam people. Green, with yellow, green, white and dark blue painted details.

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    Mai Kai Mystery Bowl Tiki Farm a.k.a. Reproduction Mai Kai Mystery Bowl

    This bowl is a modern reproduction of the bowl used for serving the classic Mystery Drink cocktail at the Mai Kai. The bowl has a brown glaze, with four open-mouthed tikis. "Mai Kai" is on the four sides of the bowl. The bowl has a separate platform glued inside for the placement of an ice volcano.

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    Mai Kai Rum Barrel by Dynasty

    This brown rum barrel with black bands was produced by Dynasty. Marked "Mai Kai" in raised letters on front. "Mai Kai" and phone number stamped in overglaze on the bottom. Slightly older versions have incised on the bottom "To Order Call" and the Dynasty Wholesale phone number.

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    Mai Kai Shrunken Head Mug Modern

    This is the modern version of the Mai Kai shrunken head mug, and has the details painted under the glaze, while the vintage version has the details cold painted over the glaze. Hair of head is pulled back into a ponytail handle, blue decorative facepaint, yellow spears through ears, and stitches over lips.

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    Mauna Loa Cauldron Mug

    This gray cauldron shaped mug was supplied by HF Pottery for the Mauna Loa in Detroit. The cauldron has red and yellow flames as well as brown logs underneath it and a gold handle.

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    Mauna Loa Drum Mug

    This mug was designed for the short-lived Mauna Loa restaurant in Detroit by Gabe Florian. Mug is brown with designs all around, including a red painted band, and has a tan "skin" top rim. Handle is a drum mallet.

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    Mauna Loa Polynesian Pidgeon Mug

    The main body of this mug is designed to look like a section of yellow bamboo, and the handle is actually a bird, climbing up the bamboo. The mug features the same high quality double-wall construction as many of the Steve Crane Associates designs. Gabe Florian was associated with the design of the Mauna Loa and this mug is quite likely his design (although this is not verified). The drink that came in this mug was called the Polynesian Pidgeon. As the menu says, "Two or more will stimulate you enough to give yourself away. Watch out!"

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    Mini Mai-Kai Mystery Bowl

    This bowl is shaped like one of the original 1959 Mai Kai Mystery Bowls. It even includes an inner ring in which to set an ice volcano. Original designer for the 1959 bowl is unknown, but the idea for this mini version was conceptualized by Swanky, sculpted by Paul Francis, and manufactured by Swank Pad Productions. Licensed with the Mai-Kai and first premiered at Hukilau 2011.

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    Orchids of Hawaii Kahiki Moai Mug a.k.a. Kahiki Mug No. 1, Orchids of Hawaii R-72

    Stylized moai design, tan/light brown color, with coffee-bean-like eyes, nostrils, and lips. Vertical "dashes" are indented into the mug all over. Marked "Kahiki Mug No. 1 Columbus, Ohio".

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    Orchids of Hawaii R-3

    Tiki Toli's description:

    I have 2 of these but one has a crack in the side, got it for 50 cents

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    Orchids of Hawaii R-5 Green a.k.a. Hut Tiki Mug

    This is a stock green Orchids R-5 tiki mug. The design has a tiki with almond-shaped slanted eyes, and a small mouth full of jagged teeth. Zig zag design along top rim. Also comes in a brown version. The Dynasty version of this design is rougher and the Orchids version has indented nostrils as opposed to straight lines, a shorter base, and crisper detailing in general.

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    Orchids of Hawaii R-5 Green a.k.a. Hut Tiki Mug

    Tiki Toli's description:

    Taiwan Version

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    Orchids of Hawaii R-6 a.k.a. OOH Bamboo Bundle With Leaves Mug

    This mug is designed to look like a bundle of bamboo sticks, with small clusters of leaves in relief. Glaze is yellow-brown. Marked "Orchids of Hawaii" "R-6" and "Japan" on bottom.

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    Orchids of Hawaii R-7 a.k.a. OOH Bamboo Mug

    This bamboo-shaped mug was manufactured by Orchids of Hawaii. Glaze is brown. Marked "Orchids of Hawaii" "R-7" and "Japan" on bottom.

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    Orchids of Hawaii R-71 Open Mouth a.k.a. Orchids of Hawaii Smiling Ku, Later R-71

    Tiki Toli's description:

    For Trade See Tiki Toli's Wishlist Express Interest

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    Orchids of Hawaii R-76 Brown Japan

    Orchids of Hawaii tiki mug, likely produced for a number of restaurants. Brown glaze and typical tiki shape, although this tiki appears to be a female form, with breasts, and a full belly with belly button. Marked "Orchids of Hawaii" and "Japan" on bottom.

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    Orchids of Hawaii R-91 a.k.a. Tiki Leilani Style Mug

    Tiki Toli's description:

    No R-91 mark

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    Orchids of Hawaii R-94 a.k.a. Orchids of Hawaii Volcano Bowl

    This bowl is from Orchids of Hawaii, and has hula girls and palm trees around the outside of a pedestal bowl, and a volcano rising out of the center. Painted in yellow, green, brown, red and purple on a white glaze.

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    Otagiri Mai Kai Tiki Mug a.k.a. Otagiri Mara Amu Tiki Mug

    This mug was produced by OMC for the Mai Kai restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, and used to serve the Mara Amu drink. Brown glaze, features a Ku with "MAI-KAI" in big, black, bamboo-ish letters down the back. Foil OMC Japan sticker on bottom. Later versions of this design were produced by Dynasty Wholesale.

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    Paul Marshall Products Long Limb Tiki Mug a.k.a. Peanut Mug

    Tiki Toli's description:

    believe this may be an unmarked copy

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    Port Light Glass a.k.a. Trader Vic's Port Light Glass

    This red glass with gold painted details was made by Imperial Glass Company and was also available retail, but is primarily known for being used at Trader Vic's. Morgantown Glass Company was occasionally contracted by Imperial Glass to produce these if their production line was at capacity. Trader Vic's also used a companion glass, a green Starboard Glass.

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    Private Bob O' Nut a.k.a. Private Bob 'O' Nut Blank Back For Customizing

    This mug is shaped like a coconut with a Tiki Bob styled face. Brown with white face & black detailing on eyes and mouth. Back area comes out blank from the mold to allow for customizing. Most of these have custom color glazes or inscriptions on the blank back. This first edition differs from the second edition which was molded with a recessed name on the back or the third edition which was molded with a raised name on the back.

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    Samurai Grog Sword Mug

    Tiki Toli's description:

    For Trade See Tiki Toli's Wishlist Express Interest

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    Big Belly Tiki Brown

    Tiki Toli's description:

    My 77 year old dad found this for me. All I could do was smile and make him think it was one of the best in my collection

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    Castaway Bug Eyed Moai

    Moai with large rounded eyeballs, long ears, more narrow at top. Manufactured for the Castaway in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.

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    Coco Ribe Liqueur Coconut

    This brown coconut mug with white top rim appears to have been a promotional item for Coco Ribe Liqueur.

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    Derby Daiquiri Glass a.k.a. Mai Kai Derby Daiquiri Glass, Mai Kai Jockey Champagne Sherbet Stem Glass

    The Derby Daiquiri glass is from the Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. In 1959, the Mai Kai won a national cocktail competition with the Derby Daiquiri. This glass was created for the “$100,000 Drink,” with a golden stem in the shape of a jockey. For more on the recipe and story, see pages 154 & 160 of Beachbum Berry's Sippin' Safari. Morgantown also made a clear and a frosted stem version of this design, but it is the golden stem version that was used at the Mai Kai.

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    Fisherman's Wharf Bamboo Mug White

    Tiki Toli's description:

    For Trade See Tiki Toli's Wishlist Express Interest