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Well the family vacation has pulled into Paris and I was able to add a tiki bar in a 4th country to my list!

We had by French standards an early dinner so I was able to head back out of the Hotel for a nightcap. We are staying in St Germain and Tiki Boom is also in the 6th arrondissement so it was a quick walk.

It was good fortune as the proprietor was just back from vacation himself and this was the first night the bar was open in 2023. A good sign.

My french isn’t that great but a tiki menu is pretty easy to read in any language. I started with a ‘Mai Tai Mule’ which was a great drink - basically an impression of a Mai Tai with ginger ale - served in an enamel cup.

Next up I tried the ‘Chuppa Cabra’ which was one of their other rum based . This one reminded me of one of my own inventions (the ‘Taste of Summer’, which is just Malibu and pineapple juice - it’s designed so you can get it anywhere!) although with the guava (goyave) and no citrus was on the sweeter end of the spectrum so that was my dessert and then bid au devour to the bar.

Tiki Boom hadn’t been on my radar when I planned the trip and it’s always great to get a bonus tiki bar visit. The European bars are different to the US. The decor here was concentrated on the bar itself and there are lots more other non Tiki drink options here (the group next to me were doing shots) but it is still great to see the tiki torches burning across the world.

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Tiki Bar

Tiki Boom

Paris, France

Tiki Boom opened some time around or before September 2020. It replaced the previous bar, La bodega de la soif, that was in this location until October 2019.

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