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Tiki Mug Design

Kumu - Pacific Sunset Variation - by Woody Miller

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From Woody Miller:

"This mug is inspired by the Hawaiian Ku. The word Kumu has several meanings in Hawaiian, including teacher, foundation, base, beginning, and source of origin. It is often used to refer to the main trunk of a tree, the 'foundational' base branch. A classic Hawaiian type carving, the creation of this mug has taught me new techniques and kickstarted my year of learning new things, in a way my teacher.

For this edition of 100 there will be 45 in the red 'Pacific Sunset' glaze, 45 in the 'Green Flash' glaze, and 10 artist proof special glazes.

This is the Pacific Sunset, red/yellow fade with black oil inside.

Materials: Lead-free white stoneware ceramic & food safe glaze

Capacity: 20oz

Size: 8 inches tall x 3 inches wide

Designed, sculpted, molded, glazed, and fired by Woody.

Handmade ceramics, made in Oakland, CA."

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