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Tiki Bar

The Tipsy Skipper

Ocala, Florida, United States

Opened in June 2020 after delays from COVID lockdowns following their first soft opening.

Located at 48 S. Magnolia Ave, this bar sits next door to the Marion Theatre in downtown Ocala.

The front exterior features windows decorated with images of palm trees.

The bar itself is decorated to look like a long stack of shipping crates. The ceiling is painted black with some Chinese parasol umbrellas and fish floats hanging about.

Ceiling lighting supplied by can lights and retro 50s wire cage covered barn/industrial pendant lights.

Coral wall paint scheme in both the bar and separate lounge area, but the bar also has some lauhala matting, tropical leaf wallpaper, and at least one section of wall covered in fake tropical foliage to give more visual interest.

The wall of fake foliage and peachy/coral paint on the wall is reminiscent of Water Witch Tiki Bar in Georgia (which opened in February 2020). Perhaps this is a Florida/Georgia trend or look?

Lots of small framed ephemera and some tiki masks on the walls.

The bar does not appear to have large tiki poles or large signature pieces, but there is certainly plenty of room to add more over time if they choose.

They appear to have a good selection of rum on the backbar and a thriving craft cocktail menu featuring rotating and seasonal cocktails.