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Tiki Mug Design

Whittle Hut Rolli Tiki Mug - by Jeremy Spears of Whittle Woodshop - for TikiLand Trading Co.

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From TikiLand Trading Co:

"Relax in the lagoon with Rolli and his fish pals.

From Jeremy:

I’ve been working on 'Rolli' for awhile now (name inspired by one of my heroes!). A few years back I did a comic titled 'Luni' to test out some wood carved islander characters I’d been working on out in the Woodshop. I’m not sure how many people have read this story or picked up a copy of #whenishighmoon anthology. 'Luni' was a fun play of 'Looney' and 'Lunar'. I imagine one day I’ll share more of these characters and world so stay tuned. For now check out this first little adventure! You can find 'Luni', including Rolli, here: https://instagram.com/p/ChDMlOaPjmN/

About this Tiki Mug:

Price: $89 Mug size and volume: This mug is approximately 8.5 inches tall, and holds about 20 oz (this will vary from mug to mug depending on wall thickness when it was made).

Designed by Jeremy Spears of Whittle Woodshop sunny California. Imported. Note about import production: These mugs are being produced with one of our new production partners, the same that produced Mug of Mugs, Tiki Whale and Kraken's Toast. All mugs will have passed through multiple rounds of quality control before being shipped out."

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