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Skipper Bob Mug - by Tiki Chippy & THOR - for TikiLand Trading

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From TikiLand Trading Co.:

"A little excerpt of the Skipper's spiel...

José is getting tired of Skipper Bob spending so much time in the Land of Adventure. Bob thinks he is the star of the ‘cho’, sailing up the Rivers of Adventure, but José knows Bob is just in DeNile.

When you are drinking with Skipper Bob, always watch your head as you leave the tiki bar. But if you do bump your head, please watch your language.

And, if you enjoyed your self, this is Skipper Bob and you are on the Cruise of the Jungle. If you didn’t my name is Dave and this has been the tiki room.

About this Tiki Mug:

Limited Time Pre-Order - while not a numbered edition, we will only be producing a certain amount and will close the pre-order without notice once we've reached our goal.

Price: $78

Mug size and volume: This mug is approximately 7.75 inches tall, and holds about 18 oz (this will vary from mug to mug depending on wall thickness when it was made).

Designed by Tiki Chippy (David Nelms) and sculpted by Thor in sunny Southern California. Imported.

Note about import production: These mugs are being produced with one of our new production partners, the same that produced Mug of Mugs, Tiki Whale and Kraken's Toast. All mugs will have passed through multiple rounds of quality control before being shipped out.

These are ceramic mugs. Each mug is hand made. Each mug is hand cast, hand cleaned up seam lines, then individually hand glazed! As a result, each mug will be unique and have variations in glaze, color, cleanup, etc."

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