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I was in El Paso this week for work, and last night I got to stop into The Tiki Room! What a fantastic space. I love the comfortable bamboo furnishings, the glowing idol eyes, and the thoughtful textures all around. Oh yeah, and the drinks! I had a perfectly sweet and refreshing The Floor is Guava along with a solid Mai Tai. I brought some non-tiki coworkers along for the ride, and they were impressed as well. Something for everyone!

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Tiki Bar

The Tiki Room - El Paso

El Paso, Texas, United States

The Tiki Room started out at the Toltec Building in December of 2020 and then moved to this new space in January 2023.

By all accounts this is a larger space. However, customers will recognize the tikis and other design elements from the old location.

There is also continuity with a similar drink menu to the old location. The food menu, however, is expanded.

Situated next to historic Duranguito in Union Plaza, The Tiki Room is located near Southwest University Stadium, the El Paso Convention Center, the Museum of Art, San Jacinto Plaza and more.

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